Black Soap with Charcoal


Black Soap with Charcoal


The Most Ancient Cleanser

Rustic, pure, and honest. You can’t get much closer to the earth than this soap. I always said if I ever opened a soap company, I’d name it “Ugly Soaps,” because that’s what I make. They’re magical, but they are far from beautiful. And that makes them divine.

Using raw shea butter, activated charcoal, and ancient chemistry, this black soap is clarifying and purifying. Fantastic for troubled, oily skin, dark spots, and for deep cleanses. And unlike traditional black soaps, mine is 100% free of palm oil, making it even kinder.

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Raw and rustic, meant to cleanse;
ancient magic, oil blends.

Simple, honest, real and pure;
Nothing fancy; expect no cure.

Just plain old soap, that's all it is.
I'm just a chemist, not a wiz.

Why it’s Harm-Free

100% Palm-free
Natural, recyclable packaging
Free of parabens and phthalates, inside and out

How to Anoint Yourself

Cleanse away. 

What’s in the Potion

Olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, FD&C colorants, activated charcoal.