Beautiful Oopses


Beautiful Oopses

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Ladies, sometimes the wand slips.

When crafting my products, even in small micro-batches, mistakes happen. Sometimes the soap gets a scratch or a divet, sometimes the lip balm doesn’t set smoothly, and sometimes a label goes on crookedly.

Guess what? You can benefit from my clumsiness!

These are full-sized products, 100% effective and safe, never expired. They’re just not so pretty. The only difference between these and the other products listed here on my website are, quite literally, cosmetic. And so you get them for up to a 50% discount.

The selection changes weekly. Pair these seconds with some samples and gift baskets to meet the delivery minimum, and discover your new favorite product.

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Here are this week’s Beautiful Oopses:

Soap (fragrances vary)
Reason for Imperfection: Dents and Scratches
Lip Balm
Reason for Imperfection: Crooked Labels or Non-smooth Tops
Sunrise Serum
Reason for Imperfection: Color too pale due to lighter-than-normal sea buckthorn berry oil