Samhain nears

Bonus Fact: An apple cut in half horizontally will reveal a sacred 5-point star. Apples are used in healing, love, and garden magic spells.

Why Should I Avoid DEET?

Throw a cloak of invisibility around your family this summer while keeping their little bodies safe. Harness the powerful properties of natural ingredients to protect your family safely and effectively.

Skincare for warmer weather

Warmer temperatures mean we get to show off our arms and legs in cute little shorts and lightweight dresses. My job is to bless you with glowing skin, all summer long.


The key to glowing skin is a delicate combination of exfoliating and moisturizing. Make sure you're using a gentle exfoliant (like real. kind.'s Salt Scrub) at least twice a week -- more if your skin can tolerate it. 

Ancient sea salt buffs away dead, dull skin cells, and reveals the new, plump skin underneath. Rich, emollient oils simultaneously moisturize and leave your skin silly and soft. 

I use my Salt Scrub almost every day during the summer. It keeps the "chicken skin" (keratosis pilaris) on my arms in check, and leaves my feet as soft as lamb's wool. (A note: never use salt on your face, neck, or decollate areas. Salt crystals are too abrasive for this delicate skin. Instead, try Exfoliating Cleanser made with gentle sugar crystals.)


As soon as possible after you shower (and for best results, while skin is still damp), anoint yourself with lotion. This will lock in moisture, and soften your skin all day. 

Exfoliating AND moisturizing together is key -- never exfoliate unless you're sure you're going to moisturize afterward. Otherwise, your skin loses key moisture, and makes up for it by producing more oil, which can clog pores and keep your skin from shedding skin cells easily. It also leads to irritation, redness, and dryness.

Likewise, moisturizing if you haven't exfoliated recently can also clog pores. Exfoliating and moisturizing go hand in hand.


Get the closest shave by exfoliating beforehand. real. kind.'s Exfoliating Cleanser is a terrific pre-shave exfoliant -- it gets rid of dead, bumpy skin cells before your shave, softens, and washes away clean so no oily residue is left in your razor.

Always make sure you moisturize after shaving. Not only does this nourish your skin with the oils and moisture you lost during exfoliation and shaving, but you'll leave your skin glowing and soft and worthy of worship.

Now get out there and be radiant!

Love and Light,

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