One Real Thing

One Real Thing #1

This is the first in a series of posts meant to help us introduce tranquility to our day-to-day life. Play along with me on these. We’re so much better together.

I’ve been on a quest for the last few months to find more peace in my life. We all could use some of that, n’est-ce pas? The unrelenting to-do’s and meals to prepare and appointments to keep, the constant droning noise, the crumbs and dirty dishes, and other people’s junk all over the house creates a climate ripe for a stabbing.

Since I love my family and would really prefer a non-stabbing household environment, I thought I should try to minimize what it is that gets to me.

I thought up this concept as a way to share with you what’s worked for me, and to learn from you what has helped you.

This time, our One Real Thing is a question that can help you decide what you might need less of in your life. Weeding out the toxic (read: stab-inducing) leaves more room for the beautiful.  Here’s what makes me crazy; tell me your crazy-making stuff in the comments.

Q: What are three things that create anxiety for you, or make you irritable?
My Answer: Clutter, loud noises, being interrupted

So what do I do with those answers? Well, for me, it helps me focus on what areas I can spend time and energy addressing.

Keeping our tables and counters clear goes a LONG way for me in terms of making me feel calmer. So if I’m starting to feel irritable, I know spending a couple minutes tidying up our family room and kitchen will send some of that angst away. (Confession: A LOT of stuff left within my reach gets pitched. Our daughter’s art work, my husband’s unopened mail, perfectly good food, occasionally a slow-moving cat.)

When it’s up to me, I turn off the TV and plug in my homemade rock fountain. Just having less chaotic noise and more soothing sounds around me is like a cue for my brain to unclench. I cannot, as it turns out, mute my daughter or my husband. I’ve been told it’s disrespectful.

I’ve also learned (with a lot of help from my therapist) that it’s OK to ask for some quiet time. Even if it’s for a moment, it re-centers me.  Having a space bubble around me where no one asks me questions, or drones on about irrelevant stories involving people I don’t know, or needs me to do anything, can be a life-saver (for them, I mean).

These are my 3 go-to’s that take the edge off the chaos. I like that they’re quick and easy. Once I have a quiet, neat(er) space, it’s so much easier for me to address other issues.

Share with me what makes you a little crazy? How can you minimize that in order to make your life less stabby more peaceful?