Spring Treat: Lower Prices!


2019 is shaping up to be glorious.

A few of my core ingredients — essential oils, solid butters, and carrier oils — have dropped in price recently.

As we always share the love in our circle, your prices are dropping on many products, as well.

Just in time for Ostara (and Mosquito Season), prices on Mosquito Spray and Mosquito & Tick Spray are now more affordable. I love making it even easier for you to protect your family!

I’ve also lowered prices on my Gentle Daily Cleanser, Nourishing Oil, Foaming Facial Exfoliant, Moisturizing Creme, and Salt Scrub. It thrills me to share my savings with you!

As always, I’m happy to deliver my Novato neighbor’s order to your door. All orders over $35 (a slight increase) will receive personalized, front-door delivery within 72 hours. Just use promo code NOVATO at checkout on orders over $35.

Housekeeping note: I’ll be basking in the Florida sunshine from April 5-12, and all orders I receive during that period will be delivered the following week.

Thank you for sharing this circle with me. You are divine.

Love and light,