SF Women's March

Energies are a’swirl in the universe, my friends.

I’m keeping it hopeful and helpful here at real. kind. I’m angry – enraged, even – and I won’t be quiet. But I choose to let values at the heart of our shared beliefs – love and kindness – guide me.

I’m attending San Francisco’s Women’s March this Saturday, Jan. 21. These marches, happening globally, are a show of solidarity for those who are marginalized, and send a message that there are too many of us to ignore. I hope you’ll join a local march if you can. Let me know in the comments where you’re marching.

For 2 months I couldn’t even think about the election results, much less act. But two days ago something inside of me awoke, and I realized I must attend.


Though I question if our gathering will change anything, I have no choice but to march. I need to show my young daughter that we each have power, that our voices matter, and that we will never stand by if we see injustice. Why are you marching? Tell me in the comments.

I’ll be posting throughout the event on Facebook and Instagram (are you following me there?)

Let youR light shine and your voice be heard

My friend Rosaura Unangst of Pigment & Parchment (@pigmentandparchment) created seven beautiful signs for the march (to the right), and has graciously agreed to share them with like-minded friends. If you’d like the printable files, please e-mail me at snation@shoprealkind.com and I’ll e-mail them to you. They’re 18x24 and ready to print at your local printers. If you share them on social media, please tag @pigmentandparchment to credit Rosaura for her amazing artistry.

Remember to bring a flameless candle or glow stick for the march. We need as much light as we can conjure these days.

In love and light,