Delicious summer produce makes for gorgeous skin

School starts this week, and I know you are not counting the hours until the school bell rings on Thursday morning. Just kidding, we all are.

Though summer break is almost over, here in the Bay Area our summer can last into October. Our fruits and vegetables ripen well into the Fall, and we can grow bountiful veggie gardens all Winter long here.  

What’s Ripe?

Watermelon granita a la Suz

Watermelon granita a la Suz

Right now, tomatoes, beans, peppers, stone fruits, melons, and blackberries are abundant and delicious. I made watermelon granita and a delicious bruschetta for the first time last night for some friends, and it tasted like manna from heaven. I’m sharing the recipes in my upcoming newsletter "The Scroll" (sign up at the bottom of this page). 

Bruschetta topping from my own garden

Bruschetta topping from my own garden

Sharing a meal that came directly from my own garden with friends and family is one of the most rewarding things in my life. Growing and harvesting the produce gives me a deep connection to the earth. Preparing it with an open heart and sharing it with those I care about most is an intimate act of service and love. Gardening and cooking are as spiritual to me as any hymn, chant, spell, or prayer.

Eating Your Way To Beautiful Skin

It’s no accident that these delicious fruits and veggies are also insanely healthy for us. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, berries, peppers, and tomatoes are some of the best foods you can eat for healthy skin. Indulge in these treats as often as you can while they’re ripe this summer.

In my upcoming Scroll newsletter, I offer tips on how to extend the summer’s harvest, preserve these powerhouse foods all winter long, and make terrific treats for lunchboxes and afterschool snacks.

During these last few days of summer break, my wish for you is a little extra time out of doors. A nice twilight walk, a dip in a lake or ocean, a little sun worshipping, or a glimpse of a meteor or two.

And of course a glass of wine.

Love and light,