Independence Day

real. kind. is taking a brief break over the 4th of July holiday. If you need anything, let a sistah know and I’ll get it to you before we leave.

I’ll be rolling up the sidewalk from Monday, June 27-Thursday, July 7.

I’m taking my family on a summer jaunt back to my hometown – Evansville, Indiana.  My daughter hasn’t been there in 4 years; my husband in 7.  A lot’s changed, and a lot never will.

It’s a beautifully tranquil place, at least when you get out into the country where my parents live. It’s easy to unplug when there’s no cell service and your parents don’t know what wifi is.

Our bambina will enjoy hunting for frogs on the muddy banks of our lake, just like I did 25 years ago. Mr. Nation can finally put his headset down and slip into the hammock for mid-day naps. My sister is flying up from Florida while we’re there, and I get to see my Army reservist nephew for the first time in a year.

We’ll meet up with my bestest bestie and her family and go see the local AAA baseball team, the Evansville Otters. We’ll watch fireworks over the Ohio River. We’ll sit outside with cool white wine and bask in the backyard serenity my mom has spent the last 25 years cultivating.

We’ll also be in Trump territory, in the land of the NRA and Jesus.

I have a feeling I might get myself in trouble. There is only so long a girl can stay silent before she eggs a car or punches a Trump supporter. Please wish me luck. And maybe start a bail fund.

I’m worried for another reason, too.

My mom’s been really sick for a while. She’s tough as nails and holding steady but she’s not going to get better. She’s been on chemo for almost a year, and Her Numbers are OK until her off weeks, when they plunge (or maybe it’s skyrocket).

During that celebratory week, when the whole family’s back together and our nation is celebrating another year of growth and solidarity, there will be a pall cast on our trip.  The future is uncertain in a whole lot of really important ways.

I’m caught square between my role as the mother of a firecracker little soul about to take over the world, and the daughter of a spitfire woman about to leave it.

This is one of those times in life when all you can do is hold on and breathe.  Please help me remember that.

With that, adios. Happy Independence Day. 

This is my parents' back yard. It's seriously enchanted.

This is my parents' back yard. It's seriously enchanted.