Summer school!

I posted a while back that I’m spending the summer re-branding real. kind.  That will begin in earnest this weekend, and I’ll be a full-time student – as well as a full-time stay-at-home mom – once again for the summer. 

Two intense boot camps await me – one on branding and one on the wholesale biz – and I couldn’t be any more scared shitless delighted.

Truthfully, it’s thrilling and terrifying and overwhelming and wonderful. A couple years ago, just the idea of this would have me running screaming toward a bit ol’ bottle of “Oh Hell No.” Now, I’m building my empire one brick at a time.

For you, dear reader, know that I’ll still be blogging here every week, and keeping my newsletter subscribers flush with tips, deals, scoops, and ideas all summer long. I might also have a surprise product launch or two in store for my newsletter subscribers (sign up below).

Come along with me and be part of my grand re-launch in the Fall. You’ll love what awaits you, and I’ll make it worth your while.

Talk soon. Now go call your mom.