Here's to Friday.

Who else celebrated Friday with a glass of something delish and a great big sigh?

It was a full week for me, too.  I’m spending more time blogging, writing, formulating, and businessing (it’s a word).  Plus all of the regular parent, work, life, and wife stuff. 

I was ready for the weekend. And for this second glass of wine. Ah, cabernet. Sweet nectar of the Northern California gods.

On Mothers Day every year, my husband takes our daughter and disappears for a few hours.  It’s bliss. Sometimes I nap, sometimes I book myself a massage or a pedicure. Other times I take myself out to lunch and just read. No matter what I do there is wine involved. It happens once a year and I friggin’ LIVE for it.  Yippie kayak, other buckets.*

What are you doing these next 2 days? How are you marking Mothers Day? Do you get a break? I’m eager to hear from you and hear what you do to unwind. Fill me in.

*Thank you, Charles Boyle. **

** Watch Brooklyn 99. ***

*** You’re welcome.