Winter's Welcome: Hydrating Primer

The rains have come.

In the Bay Area, we’re blessed with a lush winter that turns our hills green and our temperatures mild. The extra humidity is a boon to those of use who need a boost of hydration to our drier skin.

This time of year, I add an extra layer of protection to my daily skincare ritual to take advantage of the abundant moisture in the air.


When the first rain hits, I start using real. kind.’s Hydrating Primer as my first layer of protection after washing my face.

I formulate this serum with natural humectants, which attract water to themselves like magnets. This primer literally pulls moisture from the humid air to your body, which leaves your skin plump and hydrated. I love leveraging my sacred ingredients to complement our natural weather cycles!

The two powerhouse ingredients in the Hydrating Primer are:

  • Hyaluronic acid, a vegetable-derived compound that can attract up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.
  • Vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizer that not only attracts water like a magnet, but can stay on your skin for up to two weeks to keep on hydrating and conditioning.

In addition to these two powerful humectants, Hydrating Primer contains extracts of calming chamomile and healing calendula, as well as conditioning panthenol and sodium lactate, which soften and moisturize.

Once again, nature’s bounty enhances our radiance and helps us benefit from our magical climate here in the Bay Area.