I am a working mother, a wife, a business owner, and I like a good drink. (These things are related.) 

I am also a pagan. ("What on earth is a pagan?" Find out here.)

My name is Susannah Nation and I created real. kind. in 2014 to make skincare products that align with my naturalistic beliefs and values. I was put off by the synthetic, unnecessary ingredients in even the most expensive "natural" skincare products, and I knew I could do better.

Every goddess deserves a divine concoction, so I handcraft each one of my products in micro-batches, using the freshest and most powerful natural ingredients available. Every real. kind. product connects directly and deeply with our Earth.

I also have two black cats and an irresponsible number of Halloween decorations.


I believe that every woman is a goddess, maiden, mother and crone, and makes our world a little more divine. I believe that having dirt under your well-manicured fingernails and a veggie garden in your backyard is as powerful as any ancient moonlit chant. 

I believe that equality and justice are paramount, that Black Lives Matter, and that imbibing a glass of wine at 11 a.m. is perfectly acceptable. 

I want to live in a world that values women deeply, that empowers us to be our best, and that celebrates our natural authenticity. 

I want to live in a world where our earth – not celebrity – is worshipped, and where kindness always wins out. Where the best coven meeting consists of a girlfriend, a cocktail, and a good laugh.

I refuse to leverage a woman’s fear or insecurity to make a sale. I’ll never use harmful ingredients in my products, or unnecessary packaging around them.

I choose kindness, equality, and justice over fear. I choose authenticity and humor over pretention. I choose to laugh, to celebrate, and to sip reverently.

Join my coven of rad, radiant, divine goddesses seeking authenticity. I’ll bring the wine and the kickass skincare products.

And if you haven't figured it out already, #resist.


real. kind. helps pagan women connect to the earth they worship through divinely raw skincare products.

This is my face. I'm more comfortable hiding behind my rockin' avocado mask.

This is my face. I'm more comfortable hiding behind my rockin' avocado mask.